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With four decades of experience Shurjoint is recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacture of mechanical piping components. Shurjoint offers some of the most advanced piping components available today for the mining and tunnel boring industry featuring faster and easier installation, safety (no flame), versatility and proven reliability. Shurjoint offers Grooved, Hole-Cut, Plain-end, Ring Joint, Flanged and Shoulder components for use with a variety of piping materials and service applications including: water, air, fire protection, slurry, tailings & backfill, process piping, dewatering, chemical, fuel and more. For additional information refer to the Shurjoint Mining brochure or contact a Shurjoint representatives.



Kogan Creek Power Station, Australia Pike River Coal - Hydraulic Monitor Pipeline, New Zealand
ATZ Arbeitsgemeinschaft Tunnel Zurich-Thalwill, Switzerland Bei-I Road Tunnel (Hsuehshn Tunnel), Taiwan
Portland East Side CSO Tunnel, USA Brightwater Wastewater Project, USA

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