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Water and Waste Water

Water distribution system conveys drinking water and or running water from the treatment plant to cities, homes, hospitals, commercials, industries and other facilities. Wastewater piping system is an above/underground carriage system specifically for transporting wastewater from houses and facilities through to treatment or disposal plant.

With four decades of experience Shurjoint is recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacture of mechanical piping components. With over 3,000 individual piping components to choose from in sizes from ½” to 96” (15mm-2400mm). Shurjoint is likely to have the product to meet the needs of your water system. Whether a potable water, reverse osmosis, desalination, conveyance, or water treatment system, Shurjoint offers both Grooved and Ring Joint components in a variety of materials to meet your specific requirements.



Hyundai Automobile Plant, Brazil F.J. Horgan Water Treatment Plant Expansion, Canada
Costanera Center, Chile Seoul St. Mary's Hospital, Korea
Yanbu RO Desalination Plant, KSA Al Hamra Mixed Tower, Kuwait
Irrigation Technical Room, Spain Modernization of Irrigation in the Channel Desert, Spain
Aguas del Prat Desalination Plant, Spain ATZ Arbeitsgemeinschaft Tunnel Zurich-Thalwill, Switzerland
Nangang Tri-Railway Station, Taiwan Bei-I Road Tunnel (Hsuehshn Tunnel), Taiwan
National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan Automotive Supplier, Thailand
Brightwater Wastewater Project, USA Ouray Water Treatment Plant, USA

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