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Industrial and Power Generation

With four decades of experience Shurjoint is recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacture of mechanical piping components. With an offering of over 3,000 individual piping components in sizes from ½” to 96” (15mm-2400mm) in a variety of materials, Shurjoint can meet your needs. Whether your industrial construction project involves process piping, the auto industry or the pharmaceutical industry, pulp and paper industry. hydro-electric or co-gen power generation, Shurjoint can provide the products and solutions you need. Shurjoint mechanical piping components offer faster and easier installation while reducing your overall installed cost and construction risk. In addition they offer design versatility including such features as expansion, contraction and deflection when required. For additional information contact a Shurjoint representative.



Hyundai Automobile Plant, Brazil Hynix Project, Korea
Merck Chemical Kuanyin Factory, Taiwan Power Plant, Thailand
Facility to Power Plant, Thailand The Chocolate Fountains of Bellagio’s Hotel, USA

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