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Stainless Steel Couplings on Stainless Steel Pipe

Performance Data Sheet –

Stainless Steel Couplings on Stainless Steel Pipe

The following tables show maximum cold working pressures (CWP) of Shurjoint stainless steel couplings used on stainless steel pipes.

In general it is more difficult to achieve defined groove corners on stainless steel pipe than on carbon steel pipe. Always select the correct roll set for the pipe being grooved and process grooves as defined as possible. Contact your roll-groove tool manufacturer for recommendations.


1. Pressure ratings listed are based on tests on pipe prepared in accordance with ANSI/AWWA C606 groove specifications.

2. Listed pressures are the maximum line pressure including surge to which a joint is subjected.

3. Burst test pressures are minimum 3 times the maximum working pressures unless otherwise specified.

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