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Q & A – Introduction of the New Pre-lubricated Gasket

Q & A – Introduction of the New Pre-lubricated Gasket

Q1.    Why is Shurjoint introducing the new pre-lube gasket?

  • As a product improvement initiative, the new gasket is designed to provide increased lubrication compared to the old gasket. This improvement is expected to reduce the risk of pinching and thus increase the ease of installation.

Q2.    What are the differences between the new and old pre-lube gasket?

  • As opposed to the current lube impregnation method, the new gasket is externally lubricated with powder coating. This powder coating gives the gasket a distinct appearance as shown in the below pictures.
  • The new gasket is produced from the same EPDM compound as the Shurjoint standard EPDM gasket and thus will perform the same in terms of chemical and physical properties.

Q3.    Is there any change to pricing with the introduction of the new gasket?

  • There will be no changes to pricing with the new gasket.

Q4.    When are we expected to receive the new pre-lube gasket?

  • The new pre-lube gasket is available for shipment starting November 1st, 2014. Depending on the status of each order, you can expect to receive the new gasket as early as the beginning of December.

Q5.    What will happen to the old pre-lube gasket and what should we do with our inventory?

  • Production of the old gasket will be discontinued and inventory will be allowed to deplete. We recommend you continue to deplete your old inventory as we transition to the new gasket. There is no concern regarding the performance of the old gasket which can continue to be installed as inventories are cleared.  

Q6.    How can we distinguish the new pre-lube gasket from the old?

  • Other than the distinct white powder appearance mentioned in #2, all cartons and crates containing the new gasket will bear a special label (as shown below) to help you make a smooth transition. 

  • The new gasket will bear a Violet stripe.

Q7.  What is the main composition of the lube? Are there any health & safety concerns?

  • The lube is a non-hazardous talc based material and poses no major health and safety risk in terms of handling, storage or installation. MSDS is available for download from our website or upon request.

Q8.   Does the lube material contain silicone which is known to have negative effect on painting operations and    often restricted for use in the automotive industry?

  • The talc based lube does not contain silicone.

Q9.    Does the new pre-lube gasket have any approval?

  • As with the old gasket, the new pre-lube gasket is UL listed (for US and Canada) and FM approved for both general and dry pipe systems. For detailed listing, please refer to our website or contact our Technical Services team for assistance.

Q10.  How does the new pre-lube gasket reduce the risk in pinching?

  • The external powder coating on the new pre-lube gasket provides slightly better lubrication compared to the old gasket. The increased lubrication will reduce the chances of the gasket getting caught in between the bolt pads as the bolts and nuts are being tightened.
  • However, to completely eliminate pinching, the nuts must be tightened evenly and alternatively on both sides of the bolt pads. To ensure a safe and leak tight joint, all the necessary steps as shown in the latest Shurjoint Installation Instructions handbook must always be followed. For more information, please contact our Technical Services team for assistance.

Q11.  Can lubrication be applied to the gasket?

  • Yes, lubrication can be applied to the pre-lube gasket. It is recommended that additional lubrication be used for application in dry pipe and freezer systems.
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