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Shurjoint Plain-end Piping Systems

Shurjoint Plain-end Piping Systems

No grooving, welding, or threading required

    The Model 79 "Wildcat" coupling is designed to mechanically join steel pipe.  The couplings feature casehardened* jaws that securely grip the pipe incorporated with heavy duty ductile iron housing segments and heavy duty bolts and nuts.  The C-shaped gasket effectively seals the pipe ends.    (* For sizes larger than 14" (350 mm), jaws are made of 17-4PH stainless steel.)

  • Recommended for use on steel pipe with hardness less than HB 150.
  • Not recommended for plastic, HDPE, cast iron or brittle pipe.
  • Pressure ratings up to 750 psi (52 bar) depending on sizes.
  • Available in sizes 2" through 20" (50 mm through 500 mm).
  • Hardened steel jaws can be replaced and the coupling can be used again and again.


Plain-End HDPE Coupling

The Shurjoint HDPE series couplings provide fast and easy installation of HDPE (high density polyethylene) pipe.  A series of sharply machined teeth positively grip the HDPE pipe.  The C-shaped gasket effectively seals the pipe ends.  These couplings can eliminate the need for costly heat fusion equipment, solvent joining and complicated and or expensive adapters.

  • Recommended for HDPE pipe, DR 32.5 - 7.3.
  • Not recommended for PVC or other materials.
  • Pressure ratings are limited to the SDR of the HDPE pipe being connected (HDPE couplings are designed to hold much higher pressures than the HDPE pipe being connected).
  • Available in sizes 2" through 20" (50 mm through   500 mm).

The Shurjoint Models M21, 7721, M22 and 7722 mechanical tees can be used on HDPE pipe of ASTM standards*. (*Not applicable to HDPE pipe of ISO standards.)

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