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Hole-cut Piping Systems

Hole-cut Piping Systems

The Shurjoint hole-cut piping systems provide a fast and easy mid-point branch outlet, eliminating the need for multiple fittings and allows for easy expansion of the piping system.

The Shurjoint mechanical tees Models M21, 7721, M22 and 7722 provide an easy take-out of a branch outlet without the need for welding.  First a hole is cut or drilled at the desired location.  The mechanical tee is then positioned so that the built-in locating collar fits within the hole.  As the housing bolts are tightened, the pressure responsive gasket forms a leak-tight seal.

  • Grooved-end and threaded outlets are available.
  • A mechanical cross connection can be made by combining two upper housing segments.

The Model 723 Saddle-Let mechanical tee is the ideal outlet fitting for direct connection to sprinkler heads, short risers, drops, and or gauges.

Welding Outlet Fittings

The Shurjoint welding outlet fittings provide an easy branch outlet along the header or riser and allow for direction connection of sprinkler heads or easy expansion of the piping system.

The Shurjoint Model 71 outlet fittings are designed to provide a threaded outlet at any desired location along the header.  The Model 71 features a counter bore and a   1.6 mm land around the full circumference.

• Made of highly weldable SAE J403 forged steel.

• Ensures a single pass welding and full penetration welds.

• Minimizes the likelihood of any burn through or distortion that might be caused by excessive heat.

• Meets NFPA 13 requirements, UL listed and FM approved.

For grooved outlets see our Models 72C (cut grooved) and 72R (roll-grooved).

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