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The Shurjoint Model SS-723 stainless steel mechanical tee is the ideal fitting for branch or direct outlet connections to sprinkler heads, drop nipples and or gauges on stainless steel pipe.  No need for welding, simply cut or drill a hole at the desired location, position the housing so that the locating collar fits within the hole and secure with the bolts and nuts.  The SS-723 is comprised of stainless steel investment cast housings, EPDM gasket and stainless steel track bolts and nuts.  The SS-723 is available in grades CF8 (304) and CF8M (316).  Additional sizes and or grades are available on request, please contact for Shurjoint for details. 

*Working pressure is based on standard wall stainless steel pipe.

Ŧ Hole diameters listed are suggested hole diameters.

ǂ T::Take-out (Center of run to end of pipe to be engaged)

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