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The Model 651 Expansion Joint is a combination of couplings and specially machined pipe nipples that are joined in a series to accommodate the expansion and contraction of a piping system. The nipples are precisely grooved to provide full linear allowance at each joint. Standard units are comprised of either Model 7705 or Model 7707 flexible couplings and cut-grooved Sch. 40 pipe nipples. The end pieces are supplied grooved-ends to ANSI/AWWA C606 requirements for use with grooved mechanical couplings. Customized units are also available. The components are epoxy coated (RAL3000 red) for ease of use and longer life.

Shurjoint Model 651 Expansion Joints are designed only for use on straight pipe runs and should not be used on risers, and require independent support to prevent deflection which will reduce the available expansion. More detailed design and installation information can be found on www.shurjoint.com or the Shurjoint Installation Instructions sheet II/650N-651/0.

† For Performance Data refer to C-01 for Model 7705 and C-02 for Model 7707.

Note: Available with greater or less movement by adding or eliminating couplings and nipple units.

L – (ref.) § Length dimensions may vary slightly due to tolerances

* Working pressure is based on connection with roll- or cut-grooved standard wall carbon steel pipe.

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