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The Model 725G Suction Diffuser features a space saving design, ductile iron body and integral vanes that effectively reduce turbulence and provide optimum flow conditions at the inlet side of the pump.

The suction diffuser's inlet is supplied with a grooved end to AWWA C606-04. The 725G can be connected directly to grooved end pump or to a flanged end pump if used in combination with a Model 7041 flange or a Model 7180 universal flange adapter.

If a distance adjustment is required a nipple adapter can be used between the pump and the suction diffuser. The 725G also allows for a reduction on the outlet when used in combination with a Model 7150 concentric reducer and a Model 7041 flange.

The Model 725G is supplied with a 304 stainless steel running strainer and a disposable fine mesh screen to protect the pump during start-up operation.

* Working pressure is based on connection with roll- or cut-grooved standard wall carbon steel pipe.

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