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The Model 726 Grooved-end Y-Strainers are designed to strain debris and foreign matter from piping systems and thus provide inexpensive protection for costly pumps, meters and other components. The 726 Y-Strainer can be installed quickly and easily with two mechanical couplings and the straight flow through design provides for lower pressure drop. This strainer features a stainless steel screen that is secured with an end cap and mechanical coupling. Cleaning and maintenance of the screen can be accomplished easily by removing the coupling. The Model 726 Y-Strainer is suitable for vertical or horizontal installations. 

Standard Screen: 1/16” (1.6 mm) perforated for 2”~3” sizes and 1/8”   (3.2 mm) perforated for 4” ~ 16”.  Other customized screen perforations are available on request. 

*Working pressure is based on connection with roll- or cut-grooved standard wall carbon steel pipe.

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