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The Shurjoint Model 728 grooved-end T-strainers are used to remove foreign matter from pipe lines and provide inexpensive protections to pumps, meters, valves, etc.  The Model 728 strainers are designed for applications where easy maintenance and large capacity of straining are needed including drinking water, cooling water, irrigation, sea water, etc.  The strainer installs with two Shurjoint couplings, and is rated up to 750 psi (52 Bar) depending upon the installed coupling’s pressure rating and size.  The strainer is made of 316 stainless steel mesh fringed with a durable stainless steel frame.  The standard screen is mesh 12 for 2” to 3” sizes and mesh 6 for 4” to 14”. 

1) Working pressure is based on connection with roll- or cut-grooved standard wall carbon steel pipe.

2) Working pressure is maximum based on Shurjoint Model Z07 access coupling and will be governed by couplings used for installation and related system components. Maximum differential pressure from inlet to outlet must not exceed 10 psi (0.69 Bar).

3) Working pressure is dependent upon the Shurjoint coupling used to join Model 728 to the piping system.

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