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The Model G28 Hinged Grooved Coupling is designed for quick connect and disconnect services.  The housing segments are hinged with a lever handle for easy assembly.  The use of the split pin can secure and prevent the accidental opening of the coupling.  The Model G28 can be used in a wide variety of applications with standard rolled or cut grooved pipe.  Housings 1½”- 4” (40 mm – 100 mm) feature a smooth outer surface, housings 5” - 10” (125 mm – 250 mm) feature a cross-ribbed design for added strength.

Standard gasket: Grade “E” EPDM or Grade “T” Nitrile. Standard surface finish: Black electro-deposition coated.

* Working pressure is based on roll grooved standard wall carbon steel pipe.

† Allowable Axial Displacement and Angular Movement (deflection) figures are for roll grooved standard steel pipe.  Values for cut grooved pipe will be double that of roll grooved.  These values are maximums; for design and installation purposes these figures should be reduced by: 50% for ¾” – 3½”; 25% for 4” and larger to compensate for jobsite conditions.

** Deflection or angular movement given is the maximum value that a coupling allows. When using the given maximum angles for a curved layout, proper bracing should be used to counter pressure thrust that will occur when the system is pressurized. Flexible couplings can be used for angular movement and or thermal expansion, though please note individual coupling(s) cannot be used to their maximums for both types of movement within a system at the same time.

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