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71 Female Threaded Outlet Fitting Download PDF


Model 71 Female Threaded Outlet Fittings are designed to provide a threaded outlet at any desired location along the header.  Made of highly weldable SAE J403 forged steel the Model 71 is designed for single pass welding.  The Model 71 features a counter bore and a   1.6 mm land around the full circumference of the mouth, which helps ensure full penetration welds and minimize the likelihood of any burn through or distortion that might be caused by excessive heat.  The Model 71 is UL / cUL listed and FM approved for services up to 300 psi (20 Bar).  

The precision machined mouth is designed to fit the first listed header size perfectly, and allows only a small gap along the longitudinal centerline of the second listed header size.  

Each outlet size shown in the following table fits the same header pipe size. Special attention is required to the hole size (D) in the header pipe, which is one size smaller than the regular hole size.

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