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The Model C-7 Outlet Coupling combines the features of a coupling and a reducing outlet.  The C-7 is a joining device with an integral reducing outlet, eliminating the need for a mechanical tee or a reducing tee and couplings.  The C-7 is available with grooved, male threaded or female threaded outlets.  The C-7 coupling is recommended for fire sprinkler services and other applications up to 300 psi (20 Bar) depending on the size and schedule of pipe being used.  The C-7 can be used for dry pipe systems or vacuum services up to -10 inHg or 254 mmHg which may occur when the system is drained.  All Model C-7 couplings are com­prised of an upper and lower ductile iron housings segment, EPDM rubber gasket and plated track bolts & nuts.  Hous­ings segments are supplied with our standard painted finishes, i.e. orange or RAL3000 red.  Optional finishes such as hot dipped zinc galvanized and custom epoxy coatings are available.

FPT: Female threaded outlet        Gr: Grooved outlet         MPT: Male threaded outlet.

** T: Center of run pipe to end of outlet pipe (dimensions approximate).  Female threaded outlet only.

* Working pressure is based on roll grooved standard wall carbon steel pipe.

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