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The Shurjoint Model 7771-T Transition Coupling provides a direct transition from IPS pipe sizes to JIS pipe sizes.  Any combination of pipe, valves or fittings of different pipe OD's of nominal sizes 8" through 12" can be connected with a single coupling.  As bolts and nuts are fastened until the bolt pads come to a metal-to-metal contact, the coupling provides a rigid and positive joint.

The stepped exterior design of the housings aids to avoid erroneous positioning of IPS and JIS sides of the housings.

For 6” (168.3) x 6” (165.1), see Model 7706-T.

* Working Pressure is based on roll- or cut-grooved standard wall carbon steel pipe.

† Allowable Axial Displacement and Angular Movement (deflection) figures are for roll grooved standard steel pipe.  Values for cut grooved pipe will be double that of roll grooved.  These values are maximums; for design and installation purposes these figures should be reduced by: 50% for ¾” – 3½”; 25% for 4” and larger to compensate for jobsite conditions.

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