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The Model C305 Rigid Coupling is ideal for joining copper tubing (CTS) in sizes 2” - 6”.  The C305 provides a fast, easy, economical and durable method of joining copper tubing without the use of heat or lead.  The C305 features an angle pad design for a rigid joint and easy swing-over installa­tion. The C305 features a pressure responsive EPDM GapSeal gasket which seals both the outside of the tubing and the gap between the tubing ends isolating the fluid from coupling hous­ings.  The C305 is rated up to 300 psi (20 bar), depending on the type and size of copper tubing used.

Applicable copper tubing:

  1. ASTM B-88 Type K, Type L, and Type M Seamless copper water tube.
  2. ASTM B306 Copper Drainage Tuber (DWV).
  3. BS EN 1057 copper tubing.

TYPE K, L, M (ASTM B-88) & TYPE DWV (ASTM B306)*Working pressure is for connection with roll-grooved Type K copper tubing.

Notes / Options: Couplings with rubber gaskets are likely to function as an insulator.  Where electrical continuity is required, the Shurjoint Model 96 Continuity Clip will restore electrical continuity to the system.  The continuity clip satisfies IEE Wiring Regulations.

BS EN 1057

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