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The Model C341 Flange allows for the direct connection of grooved-end copper tubing with ANSI class 125/150 (steel) or ASME B16.24 (copper) class 150 flanged components without the need for heat or lead.  Available in sizes 2” – 6” (50 mm – 150 mm) the Model C341 is supplied hinged as a single assembly with a set of hex-head bolt and nut and a pressure responsive gasket.  The pressure responsive gasket seals on the outside diameter of the copper tubing and isolates the flange segments from the internal fluid.  Pressure rating: up to 300 psi (20 bar) depending on the size and type of copper tubing being used.

* Working Pressure is for connection with roll-grooved Type K copper tubing

** Please note that 2”, 2½”, and 3” Model C341 Flanges cannot be used for making direct connections to Model SJ-C300 Butterfly Valves due to bolt pad interference with the valve.

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