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Shurjoint EHC Lubricant

Shurjoint Lubricants are recommended for proper gasket installation to prevent the gasket from being pinched and to provide a protective barrier which will extend gasket life.

Shurjoint EHC Lubricant
Shurjoint EHC Lubricant is a High Consistency Silicone based lubricant that has been developed to provide improved lubricity protection in extreme hot and cold conditions. This lubricant has a serviceable consistency of -40° to 400°F (-40° to 204°C). The EHC lubricant is white too translucent in color, odorless, and is resistant to a verity of organic and inorganic chemicals. It is NSF 61 approved and is highly recommended for extreme temperatures, where system temperatures can fall below 32°F (0°C), or can rise above 150°F (65°C). It is also recommended for use with Shurjoint HDPE coupling gaskets and copper system gaskets. The Shurjoint EHC lube is waterproof and will not wash out in high temperature systems, or dry out in dry systems.

Low Temperature
Gaskets like all substances, except water, will shrink when exposed to temperatures below freezing. As the gasket freezes and shrinks, it will undergo density changes and will reposition itself on the pipes sealing surface. This could allow small imperfections in the pipes sealing surfaces to become more susceptible to leakage. Shurjoint’s EHC lubricant will maintain its lubricity at these temperatures allowing a properly lubed gasket to reposition itself during these changes.

High Temperatures
Gaskets will also expand during high temperature cycles. Although there is less likelihood of leakage due to sealing surface imperfections, the gasket will still move with temperature changes. A light coat of Shurjoint EHC will allow the gasket to move and reposition itself during these changes. Applying a light coat inside the gasket will also create a barrier against oxidizing agents or trace chemicals that could become more aggressive under high temperatures.
Shurjoint EHC lubricant is compatible with EPDM, and Fluoroelastomer materials. IT IS NOT TO BE USEDWITH SILICONE GASKETS.
Shurjoint EHC should not be applied to any surface to be painted or finished as coatings may not adhere to silicone treated surfaces.
Shurjoint Lubricants can be applied manually to a clean dry gasket using a brush, or disposable glove covered hand.

Shurjoint EHC lubricant is available in 8oz (224g) tubes. Larger containers may be available upon request.

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