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MODEL 723 SADDLE- LET (Small Mechanical Tee)

The Model 723 “Saddle-Let” small mechanical tee is the ideal outlet fitting for direct connection to sprinkler heads, drop nipples and gauges.  No need for welding just cut or drill a hole at the desired outlet location, position the Saddle-Let so that the locating collar fits within the hole and fasten the U-bolt and nuts.  The Model 723 Saddle-Let features a full bore flow, a uniquely designed grade “E” gasket.  The Saddle-Let is supplied with a standard black finish.  Optional finishes such as painted or electro-zinc plated coatings are available.

  1. Ŧ Hole diameters listed are suggested hole saw diameters.  
  2. ǂT: Take-out (Center of run to end of pipe to be engaged)
  3. * Working Pressure is based on standard wall carbon steel pipe.
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