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The Model 7721 Mechanical Tee when mounted on hole cut pipe provides a fast and easy mid-pipe threaded branch outlet.  By utilizing the Model 7721 you eliminate the need for welding or the use of multiple fittings.  The Mechanical Tee is com­prised of upper and lower ductile iron housing segments, a grade “E” EPDM rubber molded gasket and plated track bolts and nuts. Mechanical tees are supplied with our standard painted finishes, i.e. orange or RAL3000 red.  Optional finishes such as hot dipped zinc galvanized and custom epoxy coatings are also available. 

  1. Ŧ Hole diameters listed are suggested hole diameters.  
  2. ǂ T: Take-Out (Center of run to end of pipe to be engaged.)
  3. *Working pressure is based on standard wall carbon steel pipe.
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