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The Model 7771 Standard Rigid Coupling is the ideal choice for risers, mechanical rooms or other applications where rigidity is required. The tongue and groove design and mechanisms provide a rigid connection reducing and or eliminating flexural and torsional loads.  The Model 7771 coupling sizes 1½” - 12” (40 mm – 300 mm) are comprised of two identical housing segments, sizes 14”-18” (350 mm – 400 mm) are comprised of three identical segments and sizes 20” - 24” (500 mm – 600 mm) are comprised of four identical segments.  All include an EPDM rubber gasket and plated track bolts and nuts.  Housing segments are supplied with our standard painted finishes, i.e. orange or RAL3000 red.  Optional finishes such as hot dipped zinc galvanized and custom epoxy coatings are available. 

* Working Pressure is based on roll grooved standard wall carbon steel pipe.

† Allowable Axial Displacement and Angular Movement (deflection) figures are for roll grooved standard steel pipe.  Values for cut grooved pipe will be double that of roll grooved.  These values are maximums; for design and installation purposes these figures should be reduced by: 50% for ¾” – 3½”; 25% for 4” and larger to compensate for jobsite conditions.

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