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SS-8 Stainless Steel Flexible Coupling Download PDF



The Model SS-8 is a flexible coupling designed for a variety of general service and specialty applications.  The SS-8 is supplied standard in CF8 (304) and CF8M (316) with 304 or 316 bolts and nuts. 

* The working pressure shown is based on roll-grooved Sch. 40S pipe. For other pipe schedules and cut-grooved pipe, see the below table on page 2.

† Allowable Axial Displacement and Angular Movement (deflection) figures are for roll grooved standard steel pipe. Values for cut grooved pipe will be double that of roll grooved. These values are maximums; for design and installation purposes these figures should be reduced by: 50% for ¾”/DN20 – 3½”/DN90; 25% for 4”/DN100 and larger to compensate for jobsite conditions.

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