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Valves & Flow Control

SJ-200 Low-Profile Butterfly Valve

SJ-300N-L Butterfly Valve

SJ-300N-W Butterfly Valve

SJ-300F Butterfly Valve

SJ-500L Ball Valve

SJ-500W Ball Valve with Gear Operator

SJ-530 Three Port Ball Valve

SJ-900 Swing Check Valve

SJ-915 Dual Disc Check Valve 14" - 24"

SJ-915 Dual Disc Check Valve 2½” - 12"

SJ-930 Horizontal Swing Check Valve

651 Expansion Joint

725G Suction Diffuser

725F Suction Diffuser - Fabricated

726 Y-Strainer

728 T-Strainer

RCV Riser Check Valve

BH-22C Bronze Swing Check Valve

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