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Products Mechanical System
Z07N Heavy Duty Rigid Coupling
Z05 Rigid Coupling
K-9 Lightweight Rigid Coupling
7041 Flange Adapter - ANSI Class 125/150
7721 Mechanical Tee, Female Threaded Outlet
Z07 Heavy Duty Rigid Coupling
7771 Standard Rigid Coupling
XH-1000 Extra Heavy Rigid Coupling
7705 Standard Flexible Coupling
7707 Heavy Duty Flexible Coupling
7707N Heavy Duty Flexible Coupling
7707L Large Diameter Coupling
7706 Reducing Coupling
G28 Hinged Lever Coupling
C-7 Outlet Coupling
7771-T Transition Coupling
XH-70EP Extra Heavy Rigid Coupling
7041 Flange Adapter - PN 10 / PN 16
7041 Flange Adapter - BS 10-E
7043 Flange Adapter - ANSI Class 300
7170 Flange Adapter
7180 Universal Flange Adapter
7181 Universal Reducing Flange Adapter
M21 Mechanical Tee Female Threaded Outlet
7722 Mechanical Tee Grooved-End Outlet
M22 Mechanical Tee Grooved-End Outlet
723 Saddle-Let
7706-T Transition Coupling
49 Sandwich Plate
M07 Quick Install Coupling
7110 90° Elbow
7111 45° Elbow
7120 Tee
7135 Cross
7121 Reducing Tee
7150 Concentric Reducer
7151 Eccentric Reducer
7160 End Cap
7160P End Cap with Plug
7160T Transition Fitting
7160H Domed End Cap
7110LR 1.5D LR 90° Elbows
7111LR 1.5D LR 45° Elbows
7137 True-Y
7112G 22½° Elbow, Goose Neck Design
7110-B 90° Elbow with Base Support
901 90° SR Elbow
903 SR Tee
7110DR Drain Elbow
7127 Standpipe Tee
7125 Bullhead Tee
7150F Reducing Socket
7150M Reducing Nipple
899 End-All Fitting
55 Nipple Adapter
56 Hose Nipple
57 Nipple, Grooved X Grooved
59 Nipple, Grooved X Threaded
850 Sprinkler Hub 3 Outlets
851 Reducing Sprinkler Hub 3 Outlets
853 Sprinkler End Hub 4 Outlets
7114 Hydrant Elbow
7122 Hydrant Tee
7133 Pitcher Tee
W110LR 90° Elbow
W111LR 45° Elbow
W120 Tee
W160 Cap
W121 Wrought Reducing Tee
W150 Wrought Concentric Reducer
W151 Wrought Eccentric Reducer
W135 Cross
W137 True Wye
10EP 90° Elbows
11EP 45° Elbows
20EP Tee
35EP Cross
22EP Header Tee
L90-3D / L60-3D / L45-3D / L30-3D / L22-3D / L11-3D Wrought Elbows
L90-5D / L60-5D / L45-5D / L30-5D / L22-5D / L11-5D Wrought Elbows
L90-6D / L60-6D / L45-6D / L30-6D / L22-6D / L11-6D Wrought Elbows
7130 45° Lateral
7112 22½° Elbow
7113 11¼° Elbow
58 Nipple, Grooved X Beveled
Schedule 80 3D Long Radius Cast Ductile Iron Elbows
Stainless Steel
SS-5 Stainless Steel Rigid Coupling
SS-7 Stainless Steel Rigid Coupling
SS-7X Stainless Steel Rigid Coupling
SS-8 Stainless Steel Flexible Coupling
SS-8X Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Flexible Coupling
SS-1200 Stainless Steel High Pressure Flexible Coupling
SS-28 Stainless Steel Hinged Lever Coupling
SS-10 90° Elbow
SS-11 45° Elbow
SS-20 Tee
SS-60 Cap
SS-21 Reducing Tee
SS-50F Concentric Reducer
SS-21F Reducing Tee
SS-50 Concentric Reducer
SS-41 Flange Adapter - ANSI 125/150
SS-80 Stainless Steel Universal Flange Adapter
SS-723 Stainless Steel Mechanical Tee
SS-726 Stainless Steel Y-Strainer
SJ-600L Ball Valve
SJ-600W Ball Valve
SJ-400-L Butterfly Valve
SJ-400-W Butterfly Valve
SJ-630 Three Port Ball Valve
WS-21 Wrought SS Reducing Tee
SS-51 Eccentric Reducer
WS-51 Eccentric Reducer
Valves & Flow Control
SJ-200 Low-Profile Butterfly Valve
SJ-300N-L Butterfly Valve
SJ-300F Butterfly Valve
SJ-500L Ball Valve
SJ-500W Ball Valve with Gear Operator
SJ-530 Three Port Ball Valve
SJ-900 Swing Check Valve
SJ-915 Dual Disc Check Valve 14" - 24"
SJ-915 Dual Disc Check Valve 2½” - 12"
SJ-930 Horizontal Swing Check Valve
651 Expansion Joint
725G Suction Diffuser
725F Suction Diffuser - Fabricated
726 Y-Strainer
728 T-Strainer
RCV Riser Check Valve
BH-22C Bronze Swing Check Valve
SJ-300N-W Butterfly Valve
Threaded Fittings
811 90° Elbow
812 Reducing 90° Elbow
813 45° Elbow
814 Tee
815 Reducing Tee
815 Bullhead Tee
816 Reducing Coupling
817 Cross
817 Reducing Cross
818 Straight Coupling
819 Plug
820 Cap
825 Extension Piece
827 Hex Bushing
831 Long Street 90° Elbow
832 Long Street Tee
830 Brass to Iron Seat Union
841 Companion Flange
830B Brass to Brass Seat Union
Ring Joint, Shouldered & Plain-End
R-88/R-88N Ring Joint Coupling
RH-1000 1000 PSI Ring Joint Coupling
RX-3000 3000 PSI Ring Joint Coupling
RX-3770 3770 PSI Ring Joint Coupling
RJ-10 Ring Joint 90° Elbow
RJ-11 Ring Joint 45° Elbow
RJ-20 Ring Joint Tee
RJ-60 Ring Joint Cap
RJ-21 Ring Joint Reducing Tee
RJ-50 Ring Joint Concentric Reducer
RJ-51 Ring Joint Eccentric Reducer
RJ-70 Flange Adapter ANSI Class 125 / 150
S35 Shouldered Flexible Coupling
SD-28A Shouldered Toggle Coupling
79 Wildcat Coupling
HDPE System
H305 HDPE Coupling
H305 ISO HDPE Coupling
H307 HDPE Transition Coupling
H307 ISO HDPE Transition Coupling
H312 HDPE Flange Adapter
H312 ISO HDPE ISO Flange Adapter
Copper System
C305 Rigid Coupling
C306 Reducing Coupling
96 Continuity Clip
C307 Transition Coupling
C341 Flange for Copper Tubing
C10 90° Elbow
C11 45° Elbow
C20 Tee
C60 Cap
C21 Reducing Tee
C50 Concentric Reducer
C26 Reducing Tee
C52 Concentric Reducer
C55 Transition Adapter
C55T Transition Adapter
DE30-GG Dielectric Transition Fitting
C723 Mechanical Tee
C726 Y-Strainer
SJ-C300 Butterfly Valve for Copper Tubing
AWWA Ductile Iron
A505 Coupling
A507 Transition Coupling
A512 Flange Adapter
A10 90° Elbow
A11 45° Elbow
A20 Tee
A60 Cap
A25 Reducing Tee
A50 Concentric Reducer
A10R Reducing Elbow
Shurjoint Lubricants
Underwriter's Laboratories, Inc.
Underwriter's Laboratories of Canada
Factory Mutual Research Corp.
Loss Prevention Certification Board
VdS Schadenverhütung
CRN Registrations-Pipe Fittings
CRN Registrations-Stainless Steel and Copper
CRN Registrations-Flanges
CRN Registrations-Valves
CRN Registrations-Expansion Joint
CRN Registrations-Strainers
Truesdail Laboratories, Inc.
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